Monday, August 3, 2015

Dougie F | Block Party

The projects was rough for anyone but Friday's made it all worth the struggle it seems. Friday's always felt like a block party. That's when everyone was outside not looking past the day because it was a feeling we wanted to last forever. It was an escape for the adults they wild out, gambled, made sells, fought, got drunk and high.

As a kid it was more so about staying out late, not having school in the AM, seeing all the wild shit that goes on in the hood, being mischief, chasing girls and just doing kid shit. As we got older we began to worry about clothes, music, and money. Maturing off the block with that same friday mentality embed in us we carried that to wherever we went. From the block to the world, that's how I see my life and my music.

Something coming from somewhere so small to it giving off that relatable impact to places we haven't even been yet.

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