Friday, July 10, 2015

The Most Fabulous Freestyle Voguing/Waacking Dance Battle of All-Time! | #FreestyleFriday Ep. 4

#FreestyleFriday is back for another round. Antoine Troupe brings the freshest freestylers in the game together in #FreestyleFriday. This week, watch Kumari Suraj, Lorena Valenzuela, DaShaun Wesley, and Eric Sanchez battle it out for your votes. Who won? Tweet your favorite using the hashtags #freestylefriday.

Directed & Edited by: David Javier
Ex. Producer: Kristin Campbell-Taylor
Senior Producer: Jennifer Stander
Associate Producer: Antoine Troupe
Grip: Trent Turner
Location: Mad Ave.



Lorena Valenzuela
Instagram: @lore_funkdation
Twitter: @LoreFunkdation

Eric Sanchez
Instagram: @EricSanchez725
Twitter: @EricSanchez725

Kumari Suraj
Instagram: @kumarisuraj

Dashaun Wesley
Instagram: @Dashaunwesley
Twitter: @DashaunWesley

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