Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Blakesmith | COMPLEX EP

After two years of procrastination. Two years of "I can't do this" or "I'm not ready", I have finally finished my long seeked project : COMPLEX.

On my level, this is a big step. Being able to finish what I have started thinking years ago is no easy thing for me. But I did it. I have to thank you for the early support @elaquent, @jzen7, @undaboyoom, @tallblackguyproductions, @altruwest-productions, @giftedthegreat, @cazalorganism, @chromadadata, @memorecks, @budamunk, @maggz.

Because you of whole people gave me the inspiration and the courage to do that. And of course I want to thank everyone who listened at least one of my music. For giving me your ears even for a second and mostly for giving me what it takes to grow musically.

It is with pleasure that I announce you that COMPLEX will be out on July 14th on my Bandcamp. If you feel my music (or don't), this album represents me and my way of life so please have a listen to it more than the others. What is important here is not the number of followers or the number of plays and all that but the feeling you get when you listen to this project. The : "Oooh that bounce" or "Let me lay down a little with this one". All that scrumbled faces and wiggle heads and bodies.

That being said and until the release of the project, I am proud to give you this medley so you'll know what it is about and if you'll high five me on July 14th.

By me for you.

Thank you.
Emeric/Blakesmith/The average guy with nice dreams.

Tracklist :
01 - Meaning (Intro)
02 - Ride with me
03 - Live & Create
04 - Float ft. Mmdelai (Skit)
05 - Soulishness
06 - Spread the Love (Skit)
07 - What Matters ft Mmdelai
08 - Thank you
09 - Crooked I - YODO (But YOLO Also) (Blakesmith Remix) (bonus)

All tracks produced by Blakesmith
Gentle participation of @mmdelai
Mixed by Blakesmith & Mastered by @blankalfe
Artwork by Monsieur Sable

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