Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Boiler Room | "Home: A Celebration Of Chicago." | Video

The first of a 2 day party in celebration of the anniversary of Frankie Knuckles' passing. "Home: A Celebration Of Chicago." Check out 5 hrs of Chicago house, straight from Gramaphone Records.

Black Madonna Boiler Room Chicago DJ Set

A riotous power-hour of house delivered from the heart, & unquestionable proof that women make music: Smart Bar's very own The Black Madonna tore up Gramaphone (she also forgot to pay for some of the records she lifted off the wall, but that's another story entirely....)

Mike Dunn Boiler Room Chicago DJ Set

Renowned appreciator of Phreaky MFs and the man God Made Phunky: the legendary Mike Dunn setting it off inside Gramaphone Records.

DJ Hyperactive Boiler Room Chicago DJ Set

One of Chicago techno's original dons, keeping Gramaphone Records jumping with a hefty set. Fun fact: he didn't sleep for the entire 48hrs Boiler Room was in town. Dude's a champion.

Gene Farris Boiler Room Chicago DJ Set

Closing an incredible six-hour session, a bona fide idol of Chicago house's second wave: Mr Gene Farris.

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