Wednesday, April 2, 2014

GRAFFRO | Rahmaan Statik's portrayal of Natural Beauty.

Chicago Weekend Events not to be missed, Rahmaan Statik's potrayal of Natural Beauty Show titled, Graffro. Showing old and new works, plus some perfomances and live paiting.

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The show, "Graffro" will explore the self esteem of women who don't ascribe to unnatural means of achieving beauty. The body of work will depict various women with natural hair and natural beauty. Within the hair of the women, there will be positive and inspirational words written in graffiti letters. This show will be an inspiration for women. If women realize that they can be beautiful without anything extra, they will be able to realize that their natural beauty is good enough, and even more valuable than the form of beauty they achieve by altering their hair, wearing makeup, or having cosmetic surgery.

Saturday April 5,2014 from 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Gallery Bar Chicago
738 N. Clark St., Chicago, Illinois 60654

Live painting by Rahmaan Statik

Performance by Radius
Dj 007 and MC Tree Turner.

$8 Statik one cocktail specials
$3 whiskey shots


To see 15 years of work by Rahmaan Statik go to www.STATIKONE.NET .

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