Monday, June 10, 2013

How Many Ways Can You Say "Sex"? | Song

A song which highlights 99 different slang words guys use to describe the act of sex. Warning! This song wont get you laid! Let us know if we've forgotten any?

Knocking boots, do the nasty
hit the skins, oochie wally
Get it in, booty call,
Get it on, intercourse..
Just a quicky, get the cookie,
Seal the deal, a little nookie,
Do the grown up,
baby maker, home run,

Get some, get busy,
Bed rock, get Jiggy,
Screw, hump, Twerk it out,
Score, bang, take her down,
Get laid, pork, slam,
Wham bam thank you mam,
Press, poke, pump, smash,
Break it off, tap that ass,

Get the goodies, fornicate,
Make out, pro create,
Forth base, all the way
F. U. C. K
Swerve on it, Populate,
Lay the pipe, run a train,
Sleep together, do the deed,
Romp, hump, bump, breed

Get on it, give it up.
Get down, Making love,
Tap that! Dig her out,
Bow chika wow wow,
Pants party! Hay roller!
Get your leg over,
Beat, Bonk, Bone, Ride,
Literally blow her mind,

Grab it, smack it, Mash it, shag it,
Sex addict, doing it like rabbits,
So have it, slam it, pound it, ram it,
Go savage, we are forever banging,
Yo Pum pum rider, thigh divider,
One night stand, wax, bump & grinder,
Nail, Impale, Slay,
Tail, Get your end away

Mess the sheets,
On the creep,
Take a piece,
Make her scream,
Use the plough,
Go down south,
Fuck her brains out,
Get dirty,
Make them happy,
Be crazy,
Now go get lucky

Music & Vocals: @ToneOfficial
Lyrics: @TheSheriff @ToneOfficial
Ear: @Mim_Shaikh
Lips: @PortiaFreno
Edit: @Ell_London
Animation: @AraTheCoach

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