Saturday, February 2, 2013

Heartbreakers and LifeTakers | Zenfull Promo

UP Art Studio, an urban art studio, presents "Heartbreakers and Life Takers", day two of an "All Heartbreak Weekend", and the fourth in a series of monthly, grassroots, pop-up street art shows emphasizing local, regional, and national graffiti, street art, and contemporary urban artists. Admission is free and always open to the public at the studio.

Day one of the "All Heartbreak Weekend" will be presented by BBC/MADSOUNDS and is titled Tha' Scenario: Re-UP "I Heart Hip Hop" Edition, a grown up hip hop night for grown ups that love hip hop and all of its elements. Tha' Scenario is the brainchild of Craig 'bbc' Long and Djmadsounds, and has been running since 2005. Tha' Scenario incorporates video DJing and live art by Tha' Scenario Arts Crew. "The ''I Heart Hip Hop'' show is our yearly showcase where we show love to the culture we love and all of its four elements," says Craig 'bbc' Long. For this show sounds will be provided by BBC and Madsounds, and will incorporate special guest DJ J. Salaam (''Soular'' Grooves / Soul Clap). Tha' Scenario: Re-UP "I Heart Hip Hop" Edition is taking place at Underdogs Sports Pub located at 4213 Washington Avenue from 9 pm to 2 am on Friday, February 15, 2013.

Day two of the "All Heartbreak Weekend", titled "Heartbreakers and Life Takers", is presented by and taking place at UP Art
Studio located at 6521 N. Main Street in the Sunset Heights on Saturday, February 16, 2013 from 2 pm to 10 pm and will feature:
• A gallery show (from 2 -- 10 pm),
• An art market (from 2 pm until dark),
• Live mural painting,
• Food truck, Carino Taco Truck (Viva La Tacovolucion)
• A live rap performance by Chicago's WermOne of the 312 crew, and
• A live DJ performance and light show by DJ Freddy B with Ricky Sauce in the mix.
Additionally, a portion of the show's proceeds will go to Team in Training marathon runner Dru Rey who will be raising money for the marathon in Mexico City on behalf of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

For this show, murals will be painted by:
• Featured artist Zen Full,
• WermOne 312 crew from Chicago who will be performing live and promoting his new rap album "Off Da Hook",
• Nicky Davis representing his brand The Dark Forest,
• Ana María,
• Christian Navarrete,
• Angel Quesada, and
• a mural collaboration between graffiti kings The One Lee and Cease.

These artists will also have art and merchandise available for sale, as will many other graffiti, street art, and contemporary urban artists including: 2:12, Daniel Anguilu, Briks, Roberto Butler (KillaBalistiks), Calm Hound, Felipe Contreras, Dre Forgotten Clothing, Abbie Drue Designs, Empire INS, Andy Grotfeldt, Paty Lennon, Lauren McManus, Jesus Omar Ochoa (AWRE), The Popes: Beau & Jessica Pope, Yamin & Sid Rebel, Jessica Rice, Michael C. Rodriguez, Shreddi, Joseph Walker, and Wiley Robertson.

"Heartbreakers & Life Takers" is the fourth event which UP Art Studio (a temporary artist space donated by an anonymous patron who believes in supporting all facets of the arts) is promoting and will continue these events on a monthly basis with help from local sponsorship including Karbach Brewing Co., Joe's Car Wash on Montrose, DJ Freddy B (, Davis Hardware, and Aztec Clinic Research.

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