Friday, January 6, 2012

"DOSE OF REALITY" show review...

Show was mad dope last night and ran pretty smooth considering we didn't have a host until Water aka Blak Dynomyte took the initiative to be. Aztec Dinero came off with mad energy like he was telling the microphone off until the last track were we got a smile out of him, that told you this shit is HIP HOP. DJ Ceez his DJ got the cuts in and the crowd was ready for more. The next artist on the line up was WATER. So you know how that went, not enough can be said about the presence and control he has on the microphone, well its WATER, shit flows. Drunken Monkeee put on a show for real, that intro well, I'm not gonna give it away, you just gotta go see him. I'll say this, he use ever angel and every object in reach, it was classic and the crowd gave him a good welcome back feel which was well deserved. Devilla aka Shonniece Weaver stepped in and added that female prospective that makes everything feel equal, she is beauty on the mic and she shows up to handle her shit. Blunt Crew ended it off right with a high energy performance that left you with "don't sleep on BLUNT CREW. From there after I had to leave you with a dope set, starting off with ON ILL after that speech, it was time to go in on some BIG DADDY KANE type shit. It was a classic PRODIGY ILL STATE birthday to remember brought to you by Rocmore Mista Moreskee Hope he is doing better and prays go out to him) till next time - Shon Roka aka DJ Shon Roka

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